Knowledgeable, talented, so very happy with my teeny weeny teddy - I’ll call him Dave!!

Thank you! You’ve made my wife very happy!

Paul Capper

Dave - your work is inspirational!

The replica bears I commissioned of ‘Tom Tomato’ are a true work of art and have been well received in the ‘antique bear’ world. You are unique and your bears/animals/dolls are pure genius

Marilyn, The Old Bear Company

Dave - Great to meet you.

You’re a genius - your work is amazing, and you deserve to be seen by everyone

Rob, The Old Bear Company

Such Gorgeous teddies, such a difficult decision. Very pleased with my purchase


Best stand in the show! And a really lovely man 


Our friendly stall holder. Sells such beautiful craft made gifts as well as smiles and happiness. A real treat and day maker 

Sue and Wes

Total genius!!! You are so clever! Your pieces are just perfection. I wish I could have met you when I was a little girl, you’re my hero!

UK Customer

Superb Quality!

Returning Customer

Absolutely beautiful! Really, really special

Emma and Sharon